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  • Kenneth LaCroix

Why I am in love with Boise.

(A view from Lucky Peak reservoir, looking East towards Boise)

I am fortunate enough to say that I have lived and visited a lot of places in my life. The mountains and lakes of Montana, the beaches and high desert of California, the metropolis of the East Coast, Canada and about 15+ other west and east coast states. And even an island about 1,000 miles southeast of Africa, Seychelles (where I witnessed quite possibly the best sunset of my life) and other countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine and Italy.

But I must confess, I live in and love Boise, Idaho. What is the reason for my passion and optimism for this place? Potatoes!? Sage brush? Pickup trucks with American flags? After all, it was explained to a friend awhile ago when he moved his family here that Idaho is full of white guys and guns. Sure, all those things are a part of Idaho's soul, there is no denying that, but I find there is so, so much more richness and depth to that soul.

Southern Idaho has what I would call a simplistically complex soul. Simple in the fact that life can be good and full of what makes life worth living for you and your family. Such as the culture the local and strong Basque community brings, the renown Shakespeare Festival. City parks that are dotted almost everywhere around the valley. Or the the fact you can pick just about any day of the year and enjoy the natural diversity and life the foothills and Greenbelt brings, even 5 minutes from the bustle of Downtown Boise. I am personally a big fan of the Greenbelt, which I have traversed by eBike, in whole or in part, some 50 miles, on many occasions and in diverse weather conditions (even in 3-4 inches of snow!).

The complexity comes from our challenges, to which there are many. And like many other places we have racism, drugs, poverty and homelessness. But with that growth also comes opportunity and a sense of community. As companies start up or move here, jobs typically follow. Probably the best example is Cradlepoint started some 13 years ago. They make cellular devices that connect remote locations to the Internet via cellphone towers. A word class tech company, founded right here in Boise.

So why do I think Boise' soul is so winnable? Because even with its warts and all, the people are nice, the air and water are clean, the outdoor opportunities can be word class and opportunity abounds for those who are looking. In Boise, the very person who I might be at social or political odds with is the same person who might help me up in a time of need. Boise is weird, beautiful, annoying and all at the same time. I am drawn to this dichotomy. To me, this makes Boise a great place to live. Looking to the northeast, to the mountains, my mountains, always brings serenity and a smile to my face. Especially towards Shaw Mountain (a.k.a. Lucky Peak).

About me: I am an IT professional who is passionate about technology and it's uses to propel people to their potential. I would love to talk to you!

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