Kenneth LaCroix

Ken LaCroix

Information Technology and Security

Boise, Idaho 



(208​) 254-6181


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Hey there. I'm Ken LaCroix, an I.T. Professional in Boise, Idaho.

          I have been known to dabble in information security,  computer programming, building computers and servers, computer virtualization, all the way down to the humble but mighty Raspberry Pi. I am college educated with a Bachelors in Information Systems Technology (InfoSec minor), hold 3 I.T. industry certifications and I am a Military Veteran. I am also highly recommended and a published author.

          For me, my love for technology started when I was about 12 and my family purchased a Gateway computer. I would wake up early on the weekends just to press that green button and delight in this new and infinite world in front of me. Over the years, I have learned people are the reason behind technology. To me, helping people use technology to achieve their potential is truly...worthy. Check out my blog!

           Outside of work and off the screens, you can find me outside bike riding, hiking and exploring. I love Southern Idaho because it is such an expressively diverse place, both socially and geographically. The Greenbelt and the foothills are my favorite places to be. If you see me out there or have any questions for me, please  give me a shout! I would love to chat with you.


Remote Engineer

IntegriNet Global Solutions

  • Remote desktop support for 20+ remote locations with software and hardware support including Windows 7/10 Pro, Office 365 and Anti-Virus solutions

  • Monitored and performed preventative maintenance on 20+ servers and networks including File Share, Backups, Hyper-V, SQL and VPN’s

  • Imaged and prepared desktop and laptops for deployment

  • Created and managed users in Active Directory/Exchange and 3rd party services

  • Managed tickets and endpoints in remote support software

Summer 2016

I.T. Support Lead


Third Class Petty Officer

Engineman (EN3)

  • Installed and maintained networks, computers, and peripherals sitewide

  • Increased hardware and network efficiency by 90%

  • Coordinated with vendors for successful operations






  • Assisted in managing division of 15 people

  • Maintained and troubleshot auxiliary engineering systems

  • Deployed to support Operation Enduring Freedom



Papers titled "Building a Penetration Testing Device for Black Box Using Modified Linux for Under $50" and "Wi-Fi Redux: Never Trust Untrusted Networks". Published in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA). 


Bachelor's Degree

Information Systems Technology

Information Security Minor

3.9/4.00 Major GPA


China Gum

"I very much enjoyed working with Ken. He is pleasant, professional, and hard working." Read more.


Holly Freed


"[Ken] proved to be essential for keeping our program secure and running smoothly." Read more.

Corren McCoy

Professor, Regent University

"As a student Kenneth demonstrated a love of learning and the level of commitment necessary to succeed in college and beyond." Read more.

Earl Duff

Manager, U.S. Navy

"Kenneth is a highly motivated, professional and dedicated worker." Read more.

Chad McQueen

"I was always very impressed with Ken’s positive attitude, superb work ethic, and excellent professionalism during our time working together." Read more.

Manager, U.S. Navy

Bryan Baker

Co-Worker, U.S. Navy

"There wasn't a task too big or small that he couldn't successfully tackle; He is a great team player, yet fully competent in an autonomous role if needed." Read more.